Eliminate Mosquitos the Right Way

Trying to eliminate mosquitos from your outdoor areas can seem like a headache, but do not worry, there are solutions. Mosquitos are not only annoying pests; they also have the potential to cause illnesses and painful bites. If you get covered in bites as soon as you step out of the door, use these five tips to eliminate mosquitos from your yard.

Get Rid of Standing Water

Mosquitos need standing water to breed. If you have long-lasting puddles following a storm, birdbaths or another area that collects water, then the mosquitos will gather. You can get a water circulator for your birdbath to eliminate that option for the pest, and do some preventative landscaping so water runs off properly. You also want to check your home’s gutters to ensure that they’re not blocked or damaged, as that can cause issues too.

Curate a Mosquito-Unfriendly Gardencitronella grass

Several plants have mosquito repellant properties that make them a perfect addition to your yard. Lavender, citronella grass, rosemary and catnip are just a few incredible plants that you can incorporate into flower beds and boxes.

Switch Outdoor Light Bulbs

Your outdoor lights may be attracting more mosquitos to your yard. This doesn’t mean you have to ditch the fixtures. Just swap your existing bulbs out for LED bug lights. This option is specifically designed to be less attractive for night-time insects.

Get a Mosquito Yard Treatment

The QuickNix mosquito treatment is an affordable way to get your backyard cleared out and usable again. All of the on-site mosquitos get zapped and granules are distributed in the yard to get them away from your outdoor spaces. Customizable treatment levels allow you to get the best option for your needs and budget. Studies have shown that mosquito numbers drop by 90 percent or more during the initial week.

Use a Mosquito Misting Systemmosquito misting system

A mosquito misting system is an option that’s safe for beneficial insects like bees, but deadly to mosquitos. MosquitoNix also repels flies, spiders, gnats, fleas, white-flies, ticks and other annoying bugs. The misting spray does its work within an hour.

This professionally installed fully automatic misting system uses chrysanthemum-based solutions two to four times per day. You can control it by remote control, which allows you to treat your yard before you want to use it for planned outdoor activities. The perimeter of your outdoor space gets lined with misting nozzles that blend with the appearance of your landscape. Additional nozzles are placed in areas that mosquitos call their home, such as within trees and underneath overhangs.

This spray does not cause harm to dogs, cats or children and it’s EPA approved. When you need backyard mosquito control in South Florida, use these tips to protect yourself and your yard.