South Florida has ample sunshine year-round – no wonder it’s called the Sunshine State. However, it also has plenty of humidity and pop-up showers in the afternoon. All of this heat and humidity creates the perfect breeding environment for mosquitoes. Although mosquito numbers drop in the winter, they’re not so quickly to decline in places like Miami and other South Florida locations.

Mosquito Season in South Florida

Mosquito season officially begins in June for much of the country, but it can start as early as February in South Florida. In most instances, mosquito season starts in April and lasts until October, but it isn’t out of the ordinary to spot a mosquito or two in November. When extreme heat and humidity strikes the state, mosquitoes can thrive into late fall and continue to pose a threat to people and pets.

Where Do Mosquitoes Gather?

November mosquitoes gather around tall grasses and bushes just like early-season mosquitoes do. They rest on grass blades and shrubbery in between flight and seek out food sources early in the morning and later in the evening. When the cooler nights set in, the mosquitoes seek protection in thick weeds and brush and may rest in log holes and rock shelters.

How to Prevent Mosquito Infestations

Mowing the lawn often and keeping the grass low will minimize mosquito resting spots. Because they also rest on weeds and shrubbery, it’s important to pull the weeds as you spot them and to keep the shrubbery trimmed and maintained. Having tall grass and an unkempt yard will invite mosquitoes onto your property and create enough resting areas for a massive infestation.

Afternoon showers and thunderstorms leave behind puddles and fill buckets with standing rainwater. Even an inch of water attracts mosquitoes and provides the ideal spot for breeding. Given the warmer temperatures in November, mosquitoes will continue to breed and feed for as long as they can. Therefore, fill up any holes in your yard, and bring in the empty containers. Turn over the birdbath if it’s necessary, and make sure to clear away any standing water from canvas tarps.

MosquitoNix Misting Systems Stop Infestations

No matter how much you maintain your property, mosquitoes will still find their way into the yard. With a MosquitoNix misting system, you can cover the entire backyard and create a barrier against infestations. If you want an automatic way to treat and prevent mosquitoes, contact MosquitoNix South Florida. Our team will respond quickly, inspect your property and set up a misting system that gives you a mosquito-free space.