South Florida and Mosquitos South Florida

You don’t have to go very far in South Florida to run into mosquitos. These insects thrive in the Sunshine State, breeding and flying happily in the heat and the humidity. They’re found in residential yards, business landscapes, recreational parks and other places throughout Florida. Mosquitos lay eggs in water, so you can find these insects around ponds, lakes and streams. However, they’re also found in common places in your own backyard. Our experts have come up with the most common mosquito areas in South Florida that you should keep an eye on!

5 Common Mosquito Areas

Garden Ponds 

Backyard water features such as waterfalls and garden ponds attract mosquitoes by the hundreds. The females use these features for laying their eggs and increasing the population. You can reduce their numbers by introducing fish to the pond or regular cleaning. The fish will eat the eggs and the larvae and stop infestations. Be aware that other areas of water collection like buckets and tires or indentations in the ground are suitable for mosquito breeding.

common mosquito areasDocked Boats

Boats, especially if they’re uncovered, collect rainwater. Since it rains most every afternoon in South Florida, boats and other watercraft can fill up quickly. Mosquitoes only need an inch of water in which to lay their eggs, so it’s important to keep your boat covered or to remove the water right after it rains.



Kiddie Pools

It’s normal to leave your children’s pool filled for days or weeks. If they don’t use it, the water sits there and becomes stagnant. Mosquitos prefer stagnant water and will lay their eggs in the pool if it’s left undisturbed. Emptying and turning over the pool will prevent stagnant water and reduce mosquito infestations.


Birdbaths add an attractive piece to backyards, but they’re havens for mosquitoes. Unless you refill your birdbath every day or two, the water sits there and turns stagnant in the Florida heat. Mosquitoes are quick to use a birdbath for a breeding site, laying their eggs and flying away to feed on people as they gather in their backyards.stagnant water mosquito

Keep Out Unwanted Mosquitoes

Mosquitos will only increase in number if you don’t take quick action. Because they spread diseases like the Zika virus, it’s important to eliminate them throughout the area and to prevent their return. MosquitoNix misting systems are set up to battle infestations and to stop them from happening. They’re placed strategically on a property to target mosquitoes where they rest and breed.

If you feel that mosquitos are taking control over you take control back with MosquitoNix solutions. Contact us today!