Deadliest Creature  

Mosquitos are known to be the deadliest creatures on earth killing hundreds of thousands of people every year. Millions of people contract air-borne diseases every year, which leads to such high death rates.

While a male and female mosquito can look identical, don’t be fooled.  Let it be known that the female mosquito is the one responsible for biting you and sucking your blood! Male mosquitos serve to reproduce and pollinate flowers and other plants. This doesn’t mean you should let the guys off the hook… they are still partly responsible for creating blood-sucking demons to come!

A Blood Meal

blood meal

The blood of mammals contains certain proteins and acids that are necessary for female mosquitos to feed their eggs and larvae. Mosquitos actually feed on the nectar of flowers and plants to maintain their bodies. The proteins they get from blood are strictly used to feed their offspring.

Mosquitos blood-sucking tendencies have gone beyond just survival tactics. Blood is a source of hydration for mosquitos. Studies show that dehydrated mosquitos are more likely to bite and feed. Not only this but it is said that dehydrated mosquitos are more aggressive and will bite and feed until they are satisfied. These aggressive and thirsty mosquitos will land more frequently on their hosts in search of a meal.

Studies also show that in mosquito populations, thirsty mosquitos seeking a meal are more likely to carry disease. Why they do this? We are still unsure of the true reasons behind this behavior.

We are constantly studying the biology of mosquitos so that we can further understand them and create solutions to fighting the pests.

Unfortunately this is not a case of cutting them off at the source to solve the problem. We must find ways that we can exist with these vampires in our lives.