Summer heat and rain are the two main conditions that mosquitoes need for growth and survival. Unlucky for West Palm Beach, its climate is perfect for mosquitoes, so these pests cause problems from April through October. West Palm Beach is also one of the three main cities in South Florida, so its high population is certainly attractive to these pests. Learning more about mosquitoes can help you understand how MosquitoNix services keep you and your family safe.

About Mosquitoes

About 170 mosquito species live in North America, and scientists have found even more species around the world. When hunting for food, they detect body heat, the carbon dioxide that humans exhale and certain scents in lotions, perfumes and soaps.

However, only female mosquitoes bite because they need a blood meal to reproduce. They lay their eggs in stagnant water in tree holes, storm drains, ponds and soft soil. Birdbaths, baby pools, flowerpots and spare tires are breeding grounds too. The males only feed on plant nectar.

Mosquitoes Transmit Diseases

When female mosquitoes bite people, they inject their saliva into the wound. This causes an allergic reaction that leaves an itchy, red bump. However, the diseases that mosquitoes spread are what make these pests so dangerous.

Mosquitoes transmit the West Nile virus, which has become a real concern in the United States. They can also spread dengue fever, encephalitis, malaria and yellow fever. Asian tiger and yellow fever mosquitoes are common species in the Southeast that also spread the chikungunya virus, which is similar to dengue fever. The yellow fever species may also be the primary carrier of the Zika virus.

Identifying Asian Tiger and Yellow Fever Mosquitoes

The numerous mosquito species vary in color, but they're mostly gray with green, iridescent blue, silver or white scales. Many of them have narrow, oval bodies that can grow from 0.25 to 0.38 inches. However, Asian tiger and yellow fever mosquitoes differ in appearance.

As an exotic species, Asian tiger mosquitoes get their name from their black-and-white-striped bodies and legs. They have long, segmented bodies that can grow up to 0.13 inches, which is smaller than some other species. Weather permitting, this species primarily active during daylight hours all year.

Yellow fever mosquitoes are one of the most widespread species. They have black to dark brown bodies with silvery white markings. Their long, segmented bodies also grow up to 0.13 inches. This species is active all of the time, from dawn to dusk.

MosquitoNix Mosquito Control Services

While living in West Palm Beach, you need mosquito control if you want to enjoy your yard without the threat of itch and disease. MosquitoNix can eliminate all of the mosquitoes on your property and create a barrier that keeps them away.

Our QuickNix Mosquito Treatment is an extensive, 21-day service that reduces mosquitoes in the area by 90 percent or more in the first week. It consists of spray treatments that draw out and kill mosquitoes, a granulated mixture to create the barrier and mosquito misting system to prevent mosquitoes from breeding.

Do you tire of scratching from the itch that mosquitoes leave behind? Do you just want to protect your family? Call MosquitoNix for your mosquito control needs.

MosquitoNix offers two mosquito control solutions based on your budget and needs. Our QuickNix Mosquito Treatment provides flexible, budget-friendly monthly treatments and the Mosquito Misting System is the ultimate, more permanent solution. Learn more about our West Palm Beach mosquito extermination options today!

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