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Our services are designed to maximize the impact of preventative measures. This includes the installation of misting systems during the early part of the spring season. This allows the service provider to utilize the best practices for mosquito control. This is an important precautionary measure because mosquitos will suddenly appear as soon as temperatures get warmer.  Mosquitos prefer to live in moist and humid conditions, and this can undermine your attempts at pest control. Waiting until a mosquito swarm is visible is a common mistake, and we strongly advise customers to avoid making this error. Installing a misting system in the early spring can eradicate the conditions that allow mosquitos to thrive.

misting tank Misting System Installation

Our early installation protocols ensure that mosquitos will not have a welcoming environment available once the weather becomes warm and humid. This preventative measure is combined with unique technological advances that allow you to enjoy the benefits of our most exceptional leak-prevention and tank-free system. Our low-profile nozzle heads keep the area safe for kids and pets. We do everything possible to address the most likely areas of infestation including shrubs, trees and peripheral areas around the home. Enjoy our lifetime warranty that covers parts as well as labor. We offer a money-back guarantee to ensure that you are confident with our service.

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These products and services are available to consumers who want to enjoy a high-quality backyard environment all year long. Our products are safe for the whole family as well as your pets, and have received approval by the EPA. Our company offers a full range of installation services and high-quality products that are used in many common household supplies. Our customers can benefit from a pest-free backyard environment using these solutions. We provide a team of expert customer service representatives to assist you with any questions you may have. Contact a MosquitoNix® service provider here in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, or West Palm Beach as soon as possible before any mosquitos have the chance to infest areas near your home.