As you fire up the barbecue to entertain family and friends, the last thing that you want is a bunch of mosquitoes crashing the party. With a little preparation, you can make sure that your next get-together is mosquito-free.

Mow the Lawn:

Keeping your grass short will provide adult mosquitoes with fewer places to hide.

Keep Trash Cans Covered:

Uncovered trash cans are an open invitation to all manner of insects and other pests. Open cans also collect water, which provides mosquitoes with a prime breeding ground.

Schedule Your Barbecue Early in the Day:

Although different mosquito species are active at various times of the day, the majority of mosquitoes are most active between dusk and dawn. By holding your event earlier, you may not have as many uninvited “guests.”

Place Fans Around the Picnic Area:

Mosquitoes are not particularly strong fliers. By creating windy conditions using oscillating fans around the picnic area, the mosquitoes will have a harder time getting to you and your guests and you will keep cool in the process.

Eliminate Standing Water:

Scour your property for any sources of standing water that can serve as a mosquito breeding ground. The water in children’s wading pools, bird baths, and even pet dishes should be changed frequently.

Have Insect Repellant Available:

Since your guests may forget to bring their own repellent, be sure to have several bottles available that you can offer your guests. The most effective repellents contain DEET or lemon and eucalyptus oils.

Invest in a Mosquito Fogger:

While they may not be as effective as professional mosquito treatments, non-commercial foggers and insecticides are relatively inexpensive and can help keep the mosquitoes away for several hours.

Use Citronella Candles:

Citronella candles are not overly effective at fighting mosquitoes when used alone; however, they can provide one more layer of protection when used in combination with other measures. At the very least, they will add a pleasant atmosphere to your party.

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