South Florida Mosquito

There are over 3,500 species of mosquito and close to 200 of those species are found in the United States. Of this 200, close to half can be found in South Florida having 33 of them that have been identified as hazardous or harmful to humans. South Florida for many months of the year can be a paradise haven for mosquitos and other annoying pests.

The South Florida Mosquito no matter the species is able to thrive in such welcoming conditions. The weather in South Florida could not be more ideal for mosquitos. Having warm and humid weather tied with plenty of rainfall and tropical storms creates the perfect picture for the mosquito life.

The two types of South Florida mosquito that are a cause for concern are the black salt marsh mosquito and the Asian tiger mosquito. Both are very vicious and persistent biters that in some cases, can carry diseases. These mosquitos are known for being an extreme nuisance in the Florida areas and are large contributors to the need for mosquito control and use of insecticides.

rainfallThe Forecast

The largest contributing factor to a mosquito season is the weather! Rainfall and temperature have the two largest impacts on how long a mosquito season can last and how bad it can get it.

Areas of South Florida are less fortunate for the season can be extended with the constant rainfall and warm weather climate. During winter months in many regions, it can seem that mosquito cease to exist… but this is not the case in South Florida. The mild winters this region experiences offers the South Florida an extended season that can be quite bothersome. The common threshold for mosquitos to survive is around 50 degrees Farenheit. That being said, it is not common that it will remain sub 50 degrees in South Florida if the temperatures even get there.

This is truly why mosquitos are such a problem in this area. It feels like they are a nuisance all year round! In some cases they are!

The Expert Opinion

At MosquitoNix, we have dedicated our time and professionalism to fully combat mosquitos in the South Florida region. We understand the need for mosquito control and professional solutions, especially when the area is under constant attack from these pests.

Our experts always recommend a few things to any South Florida homeowner.

  • Install screens on any windows or doors so that mosquitos do not become an indoor problem.
  • Clear the exterior of your home of any ideal breeding grounds such as buckets, dirty gutters, bird baths, and basically anything that can collect water.
  •  Lastly, look into planting plants that naturally repel against mosquitos.

Sometimes mosquitos are so unbarable that you may need complete eradication. This is where our team of experts comes in with over 18 years on industry knowledge. We have many options for you to meet your budget and make the mosquitos a thing of the past.

QuickNix Treatmentmosquito fogging

One of our most common services we provide is our QuickNix Mosquito Fogging Treatments. Our proprietary mosquito treatment program offers three tiers of service that have proven to be effective and eliminate mosquito populations up to 90%.

  • Basic: Our basic QuickNix treatment includes thorough fogging of your front, backyard and outdoor living spaces.
  • Advanced: Our advanced QuickNix treatment includes fogging, larvacide and granule application to your yard. Having the larvacide and granule application adds extended preventative measures to your yard to protect it for a longer period of time.
  • Premium: Our premium bundle really gets the job done most effeciently. This tier includes fogging, larvacide and granuale application, a full yard inspection and correction of any breeding areas that are found during inspection.

If you are looking for more temporary solutions to meet a reasonable budget, you may want to consider selecting one our QuickNix Treatment Programs.

mosquito misting systemMosquito Misting System

If you are looking for some more serious permamnent mosquito control, turn to our state-of-the-art automated mosquito misting systems.

Our misting systems are custom designed to the layout of your home and it’s outdoor areas. We make sure to install nozzles to get full coverage of your home to maximize mosquito eradication.

Upon installation, we make sure to discretely install the nozzles and hose lines so that they are hardly visible but get the job done. Once your very own misitng system is installed it will be on an automated timer to spray 3 times a day for 45 seconds. You will also have the freedom to use the system whenever desired through remote control. The South Florida mosquito does not stand a chance! mosquito misting system remote

It is time to take back control over your backyard and enjoy outdoor living again!

Contact us today to rid mosquitos of your home life and get your free quote. Cheers to outdoor living mosquito-free!