Can A Mosquito Bite More Than Once?

Summer is upon us, which means a scourge of mosquitos will be coming to your backyard any day now (if they aren’t already there). We’ve all heard the tail that once a mosquito bites you, he won’t bite you again. Is there truth to this statement? Do they really die after they bite?

The Myth: Mosquito’s Only Attack Once

We’ve all experience the sharp pain of a mosquito bite followed by the severe itch and the promise from a friend that at least it won’t attack again. Unlike bees, mosquitos have the ability to bite you with their itchy mouths time and time again. Not only are mosquitos not losing their ability to bite after their first snack, they actually gain additional strength each time as they are collecting your blood to nourish themselves.

The only way that female mosquitos can lay eggs is by gaining protein from an unexpectant blood donor. Without blood from humans or animals, most species of mosquitos are unable to lay eggs at all.

Though their life span is short (male mosquitos live about 10 days, while females live about 1 month), don’t become the second, third, or tenth attack from one these blood-sucking nuisances.

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