mosquito free backyard south floridaThere is nothing better than sitting in your own yard on a warm summer’s evening and letting the day’s troubles drift away. That is until the mosquitos decide to join the party. The first you’ll know of their presence will typically be an annoying high-pitched buzzing in your ear or a sharp pain somewhere on your body. You might even be unlucky enough to see one on your skin as it makes a meal out of you. Either way, they are not welcome.

So, what can you do to rid yourself of this problem and enjoy those beautiful spring and summer nights once more without dousing yourself in mosquito repellent or reluctantly retreating indoors? Well, the good news is that there are a number of strategies you can use to keep mosquitos at bay safely and effectively. Many of these ideas involve taking away the things that mosquitos love the most or using an advanced mosquito repellent system that not only kills mosquitos, but which is also effective on a wide range of other pests.

Remove All Standing Water

Mosquitos absolutely love standing water. You’ll often see clouds of them flying above still bodies of water such as rivers, lakes and ponds. If you have any standing or stagnant water in your garden, whether it’s in a birdbath, bucket, plant pot saucers or any other container that can collect water, it’s time to remove it, at least from the areas in which you like to sit in your yard.

Control Tall Plants and Shrubs

Mosquitos also love to take it easy in your tall plants and grass. They will use these areas as a hiding place from predators and also to shade themselves from the hot sun. If you keep your grass cut to a length of no more than 5 inches, you should find that this will stop mosquitoes from choosing these areas as a resting and hiding place.

In addition to controlling your plants, you can also add plants to your yard that naturally repel mosquitos. Citronella grass, for example, has very strong mosquito deterrent properties but has the added bonus of smelling pleasant to humans. Basil and lemon balm are also great plants to have near your outdoor seating areas.

Mosquito Magnets and Zappers

If you really want to get tough on mosquitos, magnets and electronic zappers will kill them on contact. These solutions are especially effective if you have tried everything to keep mosquitos away, but need a way to control a population that already exists. Where zappers use pulses of electricity to eliminate mosquitoes, magnets attract mosquitoes using CO2 and then trap the pests inside until they eventually meet their end. The only downside is that they attract and kill any insect that flies inside, so if you’d rather not hear the sounds of a large moth biting the bullet, this solution might not be for you.

Mosquito Misting System

Did you know that there is a safe, odorless and effective mosquito system that involves spraying the environment around you rather than every part of your body? It’s called a mosquito misting system and it offers excellent protection against those annoying biters. Simply choose where you would like the system to be set up and we’ll carefully position low-profile nozzles in those areas so that they blend in perfectly with clusters of foliage and landscaping.

The system is fully automated to trigger at dusk and dawn (when mosquitos are at their most active) and is set to release bursts of fine mist containing an EPA approved, biodegradable bug repellent that kills mosquitoes dead within an hour. It’s completely safe for pets and children and will not harm bees.

If you are fed up with mosquitos taking over your outdoor spaces, get in touch with MosquitoNix South Florida today to find out more about our mosquito spray system. We’re the convenient and effective alternative to sticky and overpowering bug repellant sprays.