Florida residents know how annoying mosquitoes can be. These pesky insects thrive in warm temperatures and lay their eggs in standing water. This makes them particularly numerous during the rainy season, but your backyard birdbath can be an ideal incubator any time of the year.

Mosquito bites make us itch and run for the medicine cabinet in search of relief. However, do you also know that mosquitoes can carry deadly diseases? In Coral Springs, the West Nile virus is a very real possibility. Mosquitoes feed on infected birds and pass the virus on to humans and pets through their saliva glands when they bite a victim. You need to protect yourself and your family from discomfort and infection, and MosquitoNix Ft. Lauderdale is here to help. We offer two different types of treatment: a one-time sprayed application or the installation of an automated misting system for continuous protection. The choice is yours.

With the QuickNix mosquito treatment option, we inspect the property and use smoke to flush the mosquitoes from the trees, plants and bushes. Next, we spray areas of standing water with a biological agent that kills the larvae, and in the last step, we spread mosquito-killing granules throughout the yard for long-term protection

With the mosquito misting system, we install tubing, nozzles, a reservoir, pump and a timer that sprays a proprietary solution over the yard for a few seconds multiple times a day. The automated spraying occurs shortly before dawn and after dusk when the insects are the most active. The timer can also be manually set to treat the yard before outdoor activities. In addition to mosquitoes, the mist kills fleas, ticks, spiders, gnats and white-flies.

MosquitoNix offers two mosquito control solutions based on your budget and needs. Our QuickNix Mosquito Treatment provides flexible, budget-friendly monthly treatments and the Mosquito Misting System is the ultimate, more permanent solution. Learn more about our Coral Springs mosquito extermination options today!

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MosquitoNix is very reliable. We don't feel or see any mosquitos since we started the monthly spray. The customer service and technician that comes to our home are very attentive. I highly recommend their product!

Isabel Abrams

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