Are Mosquitoes Attracted to Particular Blood Types?

//Are Mosquitoes Attracted to Particular Blood Types?

Mosquitoes are some of Mother Nature’s biggest annoyances. They also put people and pets at risk of contracting dangerous viruses.

If you’re like most property owners who habitually feel plagued by buzzing clouds of vermin, you’ve probably wondered why some of your friends never seem to have problems with bites. Here’s the definitive answer on how your blood type might play a role in whether you look like a tasty meal.

Scientific Evidence Concerning Blood Types and Mosquito Bites

Your blood type isn’t the only thing that decides whether you’ll get bit. Although it’s a well-established fact that mosquitoes prefer certain individuals over others, they use a range of different cues to gauge your suitability for their next dining session.

Various research seems to indicate that people with type O blood get bit more frequently. Out of all blood types, however, individuals whose bodies release blood type markers are the most likely to be attacked. In other words, about 15 percent of humans simply don’t secrete indicators that attract mosquitoes regardless what their blood types are. Of course, this doesn’t mean that they’re totally immune.

Factors like the amount of carbon dioxide that you exhale and your skin’s concentration of steroids and cholesterol can also impact your attractiveness to mosquitoes. Although studies support the idea that type O individuals are the most susceptible to bites and type A individuals are the least prone, there are countless other circumstances in play.

Dealing With Mosquitoes

Since banking on your blood type isn’t a sound strategy, the best solution is to keep mosquitoes away from your property entirely. Fortunately, there are many methods for creating a pest-free yard.

Mosquitoes require standing moisture to breed, so eliminating pools of water or places where they can form is a good start. If this isn’t possible, you can resort to eco-conscious methods, like adding fish that consume mosquito larvae to problematic ponds, cleaning gutters and minimizing unnecessary lawn irrigation. Covering swimming pools and changing bird bath water on a weekly basis are also practical steps.

Want to rid yourself of migratory mosquito populations? You don’t have to resort to hazardous sprays. An array of natural chemicals from botanical sources, like geraniums, rosemary, and chrysanthemums, act as highly effective repellents. Misting devices that spray these harmless substances into the air can help you establish a comfortable buffer zone that’s safe for human occupation.

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Stop letting mosquitoes get their fill of dining on you, your loved ones and your pets. Adopt an environmentally friendly, safe approach to pest control. Talk to a MosquitoNix South Florida specialist today.

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