5 Myths About Mosquitoes

//5 Myths About Mosquitoes

Most consider mosquitoes to be an annoyance that’s frequently encountered but difficult to eradicate entirely. If the average citizen knew a little more about mosquitoes, they’d be better able to limit their presence. Unfortunately, there are quite a few flawed beliefs regarding mosquitoes held by South Florida residents. Here are a few mosquito myths that ought to be dispelled once and for all.

Mosquitoes Are Attracted to Blood Alone

The idea that mosquitoes are exclusively drawn to blood is a common misconception that makes sense at first glance. After all, a fresh scratch that leaks a small amount of blood is sure to draw mosquitoes in a matter of seconds. The reality is that mosquitoes will feed on any nutrient-rich fluid including nectar, fruit juice and honey.

Mosquitoes Require High Humidity Levels to Thrive

Since mosquitoes tend to flock to pooling water, most assume that they’re only a problem when it’s humid. In truth, mosquitoes are highly resilient and can ride out dry weather for a longer period of time than you’d imagine. As long as they have plenty of energy sources nearby, mosquitoes are difficult to control without a concerted eradication effort.

Mosquitoes Are Deterred by High-Frequency Sound

Simply put, the notion that ultrasonic gadgets can create a mosquito-free zone around your house is hogwash. While mosquitoes do have an acute sense of hearing, they mostly use it to find mates during the breeding season. For the most part, high-frequency sound won’t act as a sort of dog whistle that drives mosquitoes far away from your backyard summer BBQ.

Mosquitoes Can Be Controlled With Specific Smells

Most homeowners and renters erroneously assume that citronella torches will eliminate mosquitoes. While mosquitoes aren’t big fans of certain smells like lavender and peppermint, they’ll still go after humans if the conditions are right. Natural mosquito repellents based on essential oils are best used in conjunction with more traditional deterrents like bug zappers and relatively mild insecticides.

All Mosquitoes Are Carriers of Dangerous Diseases

It’s true that mosquitoes can be effective transmission vectors for illnesses like malaria, dengue fever and West Nile fever. However, the average mosquito that you’ll encounter in South Florida is more of an irritant than a genuine threat. What’s more, only female mosquitoes actually bite humans and might potentially infect a person with a contagious disease that’s dangerous.

Winning the Fight Against Mosquitoes in the Long Run

If you live anywhere in the humid South Florida region, dealing with mosquitoes is just a fact of life. The best way to keep a home or business free of mosquitoes is by hiring a superior pest control company like MosquitoNix to implement a long-term solution. Ultimately, spending a little more up front on a professional mosquito cure will save you plenty of money and hassle over time.

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